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About Us has been founded for you to find products that allow you to "Pursue your Passion".  In 1996 after a friend, Jesse, claimed a record fish (Jesse used fish food in a fish pond) BJ Smith, our founder and avid fly fisherman, began fishing for the elusive trout "Big Jesse" to prove that an epic fish did exist.  Since then Big Jesse has morphed into a symbol of living life to the fullest among friends and fisherman.  As we are sure you can attest, your hobby provides you an opportunity to check-out from the daily grind of life.  With a life motto of "Go Big or Go Home", BJ approaches work and play with energy and urgency and encourages all to pursue their passion, whatever that may be.

In 2017 BJ has started not with a fishing product, but with a friends product called the Smokin' Swaddler for those passionate about cooking great meat with a smoker.  With BJ's e-commerce background in another business, he wanted to start this store with an innovative product that he had a connection with and that appeals to a passionate audience.  As we grow this business we look to add unique products that make it easier for you to "Pursue your Passion." 


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